Coming home for winter break means multiple runs to Target (no cardio included of course). This very day I actually went with my mom to look for warm leggings. Did I come out with any? NOPE! But, you can bet that I found some very nice beauty steals! These won’t keep me warm but I’d say they’re essentials 😉 Check out what I bought ❤

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  • Maybelline New York FIT me! concealer – now this one was regular price (about $5) but I LOVE how good this is! Unlike many concealers, I find that just a little bit goes a long ways. Great to cover up those famous baggy eyes after a couple of late night study sessions.
  • Loreal Paris LE MATTE Velvety Full Coverage Lip Colour – I’ve been looking for a nice neutral color for those days I don’t want to put on a full face of makeup but still put some concealer and mascara here and there. This makes my natural lip color pop out more without overdoing it. It’s actually my first time buying this because it was on sale for $2 but I’ll keep you all posted on how good it works over time!
  • Maybelline New York MASTER prime Eye Shadow Base – I wasn’t too sure on buying this because the color was a little too dark, but it was like $2.50 so I gave it a shot. Why not? The color is SUPER pretty! It gives off a shimmery, almost purple highlight on my eyelid. I think it would be perfect for a night out with the girls or date 🙂
  • Loreal Paris Waterproof Voluminous CARBON BLACK mascara – My mom actually recommended this one to me. I would say it compares to the high end mascaras very well! I’ve used it a couple of times already and I’d rate it a 9/10. It stays on great all day and lengthens my lashes super good! I just wish it curled my lashes a little better. If you don’t want to spend over $20 on mascara I’d say go for this one (cost me about $5)!

I hope you guys found this helpful! Share your thoughts on this or if you have any makeup recommendations then share those too! I love finding good drug store makeup that won’t empty my wallet 🙂

Sincerely Tania ❤



  1. This helped me out home girl! Usually when I go to Target its for 2 reasons: to shop my stress away or to find a specific item that I eventually never find anyway(RIP). Its rare for me to find makeup items this cheap though! You saved me 30 dollars worth of makeup 😉


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